Carpet Bag

The Carpet Bag Pattern by Aunties Two is big enough for that long weekend trip. There are lots of pockets to help keep you organized including 6 pockets inside and 2 pockets outside. There are instructions for comfortable double handles and decorative bows at each end. The finished size is 22"W x 18"H x 6"D.

Materials Needed:

A Center Panel and Outside Pockets - 1 yard
B Lining (usable width must be at least 43") - 1 yard
C Inside Center Pockets and Side Pockets - 1 and 1/2 yards
D Binding/Handles/Sashing - 1 yard
E Ties (can be the same fabric as D) - 3/4 yard
F Side Panels - 11 strips at 2 and 1/2" x 42/44" (You can use leftovers from the above fabrics and your stash!)
Foam Based Single-Sided Fusible Batting - 1 yard x 58" (In-R-Form single sided fusible foam batting by Bosal 58" wide)
Buttons - 2 large buttons (or more for a layered look)
Two sew-on magnetic buttons from Bohin
Plastic Tubing (.170 and 1/4" Polyethylene) - 50" or 5 feet
Stiff Interfacing (Craf-Tex, Peltex) - 2 strips at 1 and 3/4" x 27" (or you can purchase Aunties Two Happy Handles Kit which contains both the tubing and strips of stiff interfacing pre-cut to 1 and 3/4" wide)
Cost: $ 35.00
includes 2 classes