Sneaky Nail Saboteurs

Your fingernails are one of the most amazing accessories and asset. Many people spend a lot of time and money to make sure that they are properly polished, manicured and clipped. However, there are some habits or practices that can ruin your fingernails even without realizing. These habits include putting down your topcoat brush and file.

Cutting corners

This problem is very common with those people who have loose or dry skin around their nails. They tend clipping away the cuticles. The cuticles play an essential role in preventing bacterial and fungal infections in the nail beds. Nail technicians are advised to use sterilized nippers whenever they are clipping away the hanging parts of the skin. Again, you should consult a healthcare professional when you have swelling or redness around the nails. These are signs of an infection. Such infections are treated using prescribed antibiotics.nail cutters

Biting your hands

This is one of the nervous habits of many people. Nibbling of the nails should be avoided as it can lead to yucky problems and skin infections. Bacteria and germs are known for hiding under nails, and they can easily spread to your mouth and lead to serious bacterial infections whenever you are biting them. This can also make your nails to get infected if they happen to be bitten to low.

This habit should be kicked. Always make sure that your nails are neatly polished with the best shade. You can also apply some nail art to minimize the chance of biting them. Nail chomping is associated with problems such as boredom issues and anxiety.


Rush removal

Sometimes you might find some nail enhancements such as colour gels, acrylics, and gels that have started peeling off. This can tempt you to file the remaining. This should be avoided at all cost. You should soak this colour gel in a polish remover and then rub the remnants gently. Peeling and filing can either damage your nails or weaken them. Such nails might take months to grow back or heal.nail colour

Dryer damage

Some colour gels that are very shiny are dried using UVA ray lams. Individuals who are using this form of treatments should be very careful. It can easily expose your nails to UV rays if it is repeatedly done. Overexposure to these rays can also lead to other health problems such as skin cancer or melanoma. This means that should limit the use of these lamps.…

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